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Total financial aid from Germany to Jordan increased to EUR 577 million this year after the Government of Jordan signed a financial aid agreement with Germany worth EUR 275.17 million. It is worth noting that Germany’s financial support to Jordan stood at EUR 478 million in 2016.

INVESTBANK achieved JD9.9 million in profits before taxes by the end of the third quarter of 2017, with net profits after tax totaling JD7.2 million.

Total assets reached JD997 million by September 30, compared with JD950 million by year-end 2016,...

Figures released by the Department of Statistics showed that Jordan’s trade deficit widened during the first eight months of 2017 by 10.5% to reach JD 6,082.2 million. The Kingdom’s total exports during the first eight months of 2017 contracted by 2.6% to stand at JD 3,449.7 million, while total...

Total electricity exported by the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) increased by 24% during the first seven months of this year. According to company figures, total exports amounted to 26 gigawatts, compared to 21 gigawatts for the same period last year. Company figures state that total sales increased by 4.4% compared...

IMF reports a projected growth rate of 2.3% for Jordan’s economy for this year. The current account deficit is expected to gradually decline, supported by structural reforms and fiscal consolidation. Indicators for the first few months of this year showed a recovery in exports, tourism receipts and remittances, relative to 2016.

Total value of shares bought by non-Jordanians on the ASE during June amounted to JD 61 million, represeting around 44% of total trading value. Total shares sold by non-Jordanians during that month was JD 12.1 million. (ASE)

The Jordan Securities Commission issued new corporate governance regulations for public shareholding companies, including banks.  The new regulations (Arabic version) can be found at the link below:

Jordan is joining reconstruction efforts in war-ravaged countries in the region, a World Bank official said earlier this month, while urging the Kingdom's private sector to build alliances with counterparts in the Arab world. Abdullah Dardari, senior advisor on reconstruction in the Middle East and...

The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) issued a draft by-law on Collective Investment Schemes as a consultation paper for comments and requested investors and financial services professionals to contribute views and remarks. Please see link below: 

Jordan's new Securities Law has been passed by Parliament and published in the Official Gazette, taking effect as of May 16, 2017. Kindly see link below:


The Middle East Investor Relations Association (MEIRA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Amman Stock Exchange on April, 26 during the Arab Federation of Exchange Conference, which took place in Beirut, Lebanon. Alex MacDonald-Vitale, MEIRA Chairman, and Nader Azar, Amman Stock Exchange CEO, signed the...

Headed by the Chairman Bisher Mohammad Jardaneh, INVESTBANK’s general assembly approved in its 34th ordinary meeting the board’s recommendation to distribute JOD 10 million, or 10% of profits in cash dividend to shareholders for 2016. Dividend yield equals 6.7% of the share’s price as of December 31, 2016, and an average of 6.2 %for the past...

London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Bank in partnership with Al Mawared Brokerage are holding a conference on Depositary Receipts on Monday March 13, 2017 at the Jordan Capital Markets premises, in cooperation with The Amman Stock Exchange (ASE). The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), the capital markets regulator, recently issued new...

ASE Summary as of 22/11/2017


Points % Chg
General 2105.51 0.08
Financial 2862.12 0.20
Services 1464.80 0.23
Industrial 2125.92 -0.44


Value Traded (JD) %
Financial 1,579,103 27.65
Services 1,822,199 31.91
Industrial 2,309,504 40.44
Total 5,710,808 100.00


Symbol Last % Chg
JOHT 4.30 7.50
ICMI 0.84 5.00
JOIC 1.50 4.89
AIUI 1.51 4.86
NOTI 2.69 4.66


Symbol Last % Chg
JOIR 0.13 -7.14
EMAR 0.19 -5.00
UTOB 3.56 -4.81
SPIC 0.86 -4.44
JPHM 0.48 -4.00


Value Traded (JD) %
RUMM 1,231,954 21.57
CEIG 1,183,919 20.73
PHNX 293,385 5.14
JOWM 240,137 4.20
JOPH 234,503 4.11
Total 3,183,898 55.75

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